What is the easiest way to sip these graphics on your website?

Alex Gail asked 12 months ago

I want to make myself a website page in a similar style.


But I don’t like the charts there, and I want to have these, only to display several prices on one chart at once.





What should I start with in order to realize this most modernly? What are the tools?

I want the graphics to be big. People will flip through mostly from phones and this should be big.

I wish you all good luck and prosperity!

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James answered 12 months ago
Holland answered 12 months ago

I dont know, but if for people I would take just charts from google with a bunch of settings and customizations. Not everything that glitters and flies is comfortable to use. I go to this kind of sites to see the data, and not how everything flies, whirls and runs. Especially my opinion.

Alex Gail replied 11 months ago

It just seems to me that then the site will not stand out in any way.
And yes, I will not overflow all with animation most likely, just like the style itself and how to create it.
But in general, Google’s graphics have an outdated design (in my opinion) and are suitable for older people, and my graphics will be for an audience of 16-30 years mostly.
Agree strangely to state the latest technology in something, and at the same time make the page and graphics as they did 5-7 years ago.

Holland replied 11 months ago

but what’s stopping him from painting)) hasn’t been canceled by a good design)) that’s not bad and I think on the subject the way you want – d3,

Alex Gail replied 11 months ago

yes, not bad, and I have already watched this site. In my opinion, these graphics on it are good for computers, but for phones it will look a bit small, especially the axes and numbers on them, and if the numbers are increased, then the design will deteriorate. = (

Holland replied 11 months ago

and on your phone you will have it on any chart, the screen is small, everything is decided by the ability to zoom in, you can’t get anywhere when you have a chart with lots of information))

Alex Gail replied 11 months ago

Well, I will think, in general, as I understand the library is new and people have no experience with it, no one helps. Well, as a last resort, I’ll figure it out for myself, but for the time being I believe that someone knows how to do it. =)

Holland replied 11 months ago

Oh, my mother, the dream epileptic …