How do we learn Python?

Patrik asked 10 months ago

Good day.
I want to find a book that would be the best in Python, without further ado, water. Knia Mark Lutz, some very not the case, it is difficult to work with her. Knowledge of Python at the level of “plug in module”. We need a book that chewed on only some data structures, Python keychains and programming techniques in general, the OOP paradigm, in general, touched upon everything that is not in C, but it was not without unnecessary words about how good Python is and so on.

James replied 10 months ago

Dive Into Python – a great book!
Lutz really is somehow too detailed.
LearnPythonHardWay is like nothing but specific.
A Byte of Python is about nothing for me.

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Alex Gail answered 10 months ago

It is necessary to study the language (Python chips, the implementation of the OOP) and to study programming (the implementation of data structures) using different sources.

  1. Programming (first of all): Stepic (courses), codeforces (olympiad puzzles), Kormen
  2. Language: You are probably reading “Learning python”. If you don’t like water, you don’t need to read it. Each chapter has a title, you can look only interesting. I advise you to read in detail about dynamic typing, all sorts of generators, map, lambda, join. And, of course, it is necessary to slowly introduce these things into daily use, even in small curricula. Why? On the one hand, all these things can be written using primitives (for and if), but although in the beginning it will be difficult, later it will greatly speed up development, as well as allow serious developers to read the code.
Oliver answered 10 months ago

Lutsa also does not advise.

Noah answered 10 months ago

It is better to learn Python in parallel with another language, such as Java or C. In all books, analogies with other languages are given. It will be easier to compare opportunities.