Do I need to learn Python if web development is interesting?

Christopher Haynes asked 9 months ago

I began to learn programming from the Python language, as it is recommended by many because of the relatively simple, but at the same time strictly syntax. But most jobs that require knowledge of Python are related to analytics and machine learning. But these areas are not interesting to me, and I don’t have the corresponding mathematical education to apply for such work. So, is it advisable to further explore Python, if the development of websites is closer to my interests? Maybe it was originally necessary to start learning HTML + CSS and JavaScript?

Alexander replied 8 months ago

Python does not save you from having to learn html, css and javascript

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Oliver answered 9 months ago

You can learn but secondarily

Patrik answered 9 months ago

Choose not according to recommendations, but according to which language is closer to you, for this you can familiarize yourself with several actual languages. You can start with Python.

Harry Booth answered 9 months ago

General purpose languages ​​are very similar.
Programming skills are generally the same.
You sharpen your focus on choosing the “right” programming language.

William answered 9 months ago


Matthew answered 9 months ago

Not the best choice, python on the web is almost never used, learn PHP and the Laravel or Symfony framework, or Node.js and also the framework of the most popular on the market

James answered 9 months ago

Recently I had to write scripts to automate bash under ibm websphere. To work with the wsadmin tool, I had to sculpt on Python. And specifically for the web, php c # java seems to me more suitable. Another python I met weblodge as a wlst tool. Those. Python was an auxiliary tool and no more.

Kventin answered 9 months ago

Python for the web is quite suitable. Just need to search for jobs on Django. They are not as many as PHP, but if you have a head on your shoulders, you will not be left without work.